Photo Images

Donald’s ability to see the image before he even captures it on camera, is amazing. What would be a normal walk in the woods for most folk, ends up, many times, being a walk of inspirational images for Don.

Don’s photo images are inspiring. Each image is carefully exposed to bring the finest details into view while letting the viewer see through the eye of an artist. A simple photo image becomes a work of unbelievable art.

Don loves nature. He can be found up in northern British Columbia or on the coastal shores on the Pacific Ocean seeking to capture that one image that will make a person stop and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Come on in and view nature’s works pages from photos that capture the true essence of the seasons and nature’s wondrous beauty.

Don’s clients range from individuals to businesses seeking to own a timeless piece that will make a statement while being appreciated for generations to come. Each investment your purchase will bring you many returns by the compliments and appreciative comments by those who see the impact of the pieces.

If you see a metal art piece or an image that attracts your eye send us an email or go to Contact page and we’ll contact you right away.

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